या सख्यांनो या - अंक १५


  1. I have read all the articles. It is true that we all love our mother very much. The role of mother is difficult and we realise this better when we ourelves become a mother.
    I do love my mother a lot. But i knew what role she had played in my life only when i became mother of my two daughters. Playing that role is difficult now,as well as then, only circumstances r different.Today's children r living in a much stressful life compared to us. Yet handling it using complete parental help and maitaining transparency in this reltion, is success of parents.
    Whatever u give to ur mother, u get it back from ur children; i have experienced it. My daughters love me as much as i love them. This understanding is established only bcoz woman can understand another woman; though implementing it may differ in each.
    Thank u for giving me opportunity to express my feelings and i thank god for giving so wonderful, loving and supportive daughters in my life.
    Madhavi Limaye.

    1. खूप खूप स्वागत माधवी !! तुमची प्रतिक्रिया स्वागतार्ह !!

    2. All the articals are very very nice and full of emotions.Especially, the feelings of Tejas Mahajan , I like the most.Reallyyyyy..... it is a difficult and challenging job.I am also a mother of sweet teenager daughter.I am enjoying this `MOTHERHOOD`bcoz of my daughter.I thank GOD for giving me such a lovable and supportive,caring daughter.

  2. So sweet of you Sonali !! Really its very proud to be a Mother !! god Bless your Daughter !! Thanks for your valuable response !!

  3. Hey je kahi me attach wachla, tyane majya manatla majya aai baddalcha prem kaik pattine wadhla...pan dole matra wahayche thambat navhte...

    khup chhan kaam kartay tumhi sagle jan..


    Vardhan Hemant Sohani,

  4. आईची थोरवी सांगणारी विचारांची विविध रूपे फार आवडली.आई.....आत्मा अन ईश्वर !!!!!!!!!!!!